Saturday, September 15, 2018

Abia born nwaozi takes the lead in season 14 voting

Late Friday the Adandiigbo cultural pageant released the first segment of the ongoing voting results for bulk votes with an indication of the end of the first collated week on bulk votes at it's season 14 voting exercise.
The Friday results
Indicated that after  compilation of the weekly bulk votes
*NWAOZICHUKWU CHIJINDU  FAV*      of   *Abia state* emerged the first *star of the week* ending 14th September .
Nwaozi had the best bulk vote for the week ended 14th September 2018 , documentation of votes and bank alerts are open for audit and scrutiny at the end of the exercise .
15th September marks  the beginning of another week of voting and confirmation of  who would have the highest weekly report of bulk votes ,single vote analysis is only open at the event proper .
There are eight more weeks of analysis  before the pageant proper
*Nwaozi* emerges  weekly star and      *Abia state* acknowledged  state to reckon with of the week at the current adandiigbo cultural Pageant votes
To vote go to pick your favorite contestant send the number of votes and amount to 0016891349 adandiigbo beauty pageant diamond Bank PLC
With the name of the contestant as depositor
Or for single votes send  adandiigbo contestants name to 33811
The voting  would last 8 weeks .

Friday, March 28, 2008